RAD WRAITH #1 BUST 616 Variant B LTD 300 COA Swamp Thing #9 Homage
RAD WRAITH #1 BUST 616 Variant B LTD 300 Swamp Thing #9 Homage
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RAD WRAITH #1 BUST 616 Variant B LTD 300 Swamp Thing #9 Homage

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✔️ Variant B Swamp Thing 9 Wrightson Homage - 300 print run  (Swamp Thing cover shown for reference only)

Black Caravan Imprint: Rad Wraith is the story of a young skateboarder named Grom who falls victim to a prank-gone-wrong and dies at the bottom of a half-pipe. What his killers don't know is that this half-pipe was built on cursed land, and now that curse is coming for them! This February, it's time to skate...or die!

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