Karnal Confessions Sun Khamunaki Chrome
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(W/A) Sorah Suhng (CA) Sun Khamunkai

โ€œAbsolute power corrupts absolutely.โ€ - Sir John Dalberg-Acton As head of the Dominion Intelligence Agency, Kathryn Moore is faced with decisions that effect the lives of the billions of citizens she helps monitor and control. Armed with an endless amount of intel, she has normally navigated the moral tightrope of valuing the many over the few with ease. But when one in the echelon of the hierarchy moves against her, she calls his bluff and the price is bloody. Stripped of her power, both literally and figuratively, feeling justified in her blood-soaked actions, Kathryn Moore begins the arduous journey of regaining what was taken from her โ€“ at any cost.

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